Do you want to be remembered as the full and unique human being you are? If your life story is recorded into a beautiful book or booklet for future generations, you will be.

Research shows that while a person’s name may be remembered for many generations on a family tree, if genealogical work is done, their story is lost after only two generations if it is not somehow preserved.

Don’t let that happen to you, or someone you love. Many people plan to write their memoirs, or interview aging family members, but put off doing so until it’s too late.

As a personal historian, I can help you collect your stories, or the stories of someone in your family, and create a lasting legacy for your progeny–not only for your children and grandchildren, but for unborn future generations.

I have a friend who found a journal that one of his ancestors kept while in Mexico in the 1830s. That journal is one of my friend’s most cherished possessions. His ancestor couldn’t possibly have imagined the impact his journal would have on my friend. Your existence could be just as meaningful to one of your descendants generations from now.

Writing your own life story can be a daunting task. Working with a skilled collaborator makes life review an energizing process instead of an overwhelming one, and a neutral outsider like me often elicits a more revealing story than you might write on your own.

Research has also shown that the process of life review has numerous physical and psychological benefits. In other words, the process is as valuable as the product.

Let me help you write your life story, and create a gift to your family and friends, as well as a gift to yourself.

No job is too small. As a matter of fact, the smaller it is the more affordable it is, and more stories can be shared.

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